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Jeep Kids Pink Electric Ride On Car

Jeep Kids Pink Electric Ride On Car

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Let your little adventurer experience the thrill of driving their very own Jeep-inspired RIDE ON WORLD car! ๐Ÿš™๐ŸŒŸ

With a functional steering wheel and responsive acceleration pedals for both forward and reverse movement, your child will have full control and a lifelike driving experience. ๐Ÿš—๐Ÿ’จ

But that's not all โ€“ this ride-on comes loaded with awesome entertainment features that promise hours of fun. It even includes a safety seat belt and a remote control for parent supervision, making it the perfect choice for parents who want their children to explore in a safe and enjoyable way. ๐Ÿง’๐Ÿ‘ง๐Ÿšธ

The Jeep-inspired RIDE ON WORLD ride-on car is the ultimate gift for young car enthusiasts, providing endless adventures and smiles! ๐ŸŽ๐Ÿš€

- RIDE ON WORLD (Jeep-inspired) for a rugged and adventurous look ๐Ÿš™๐ŸŒ„
- Sleek lacquer finish for a stylish appearance ๐ŸŒŸ๐ŸŽจ
- Convenient keyless start engine control for ease of use ๐Ÿ—๏ธ๐Ÿš—
- Powerful twin motors for an exciting ride ๐Ÿ”Œ๐Ÿ”Œ
- Responsive acceleration pedal and a realistic steering wheel ๐Ÿš—๐ŸŽฎ
- Smooth forward and reverse operation for dynamic play ๐Ÿ”„โฉ
- Two control modes: manual for independence and remote control (remote included) for parental supervision ๐ŸŽฎ๐Ÿ‘จโ€๐Ÿ‘ฉโ€๐Ÿ‘ง
- Horn for added excitement and fun ๐Ÿ“ข๐ŸŽ‰
- Built-in music and MP3-input for jamming to tunes ๐ŸŽต๐ŸŽถ
- Functional dashboard with a headlight for an authentic experience ๐Ÿšฆ๐Ÿ’ก
- 4-wheel spring suspension for a smooth and comfortable ride ๐ŸŒฌ๏ธ๐Ÿš™
- Adjustable safety seat belt for added security ๐Ÿšธ๐Ÿ”
- SAA-approved battery charger for safe charging โšก๐Ÿ”Œ
- Complies with EN71 Standard Safety of Toys for peace of mind ๐Ÿ›ก๏ธ๐Ÿ‘

- Age recommendation: 3+ years old for young adventurers ๐Ÿง’๐Ÿ‘ฆ๐Ÿ‘ง
- Loading capacity: 30kg for most little drivers ๐Ÿš™๐Ÿ‘œ
- Powerful 70W dual motors for thrilling rides ๐Ÿš—โšก
- Speed range: 2-4km/h (depending on user weight) with a choice of slow or fast speeds ๐Ÿ๐Ÿ’จ
- Adjustable seat belt for a snug fit ๐Ÿšธ๐Ÿ”
- Remote control included with a range of 20m (+/- 5m) ๐ŸŽฎ๐Ÿ“ถ
- Remote Battery: AAA 1.5V*2 (Batteries not included) for convenience ๐Ÿฆพ๐Ÿ”‹
- Operating hours: Up to 2 hours per full charge for non-stop adventures โณ๐Ÿ”‹
- Battery charger included for hassle-free charging ๐Ÿ”Œโšก
- High-quality 12V 4.5AH battery for lasting power ๐Ÿ”‹๐Ÿ”‹
- Battery voltage: 12V for exciting play ๐Ÿงจ๐Ÿ”Œ
- Vibrant pink color for a stylish look ๐ŸŒธ๐ŸŽ€
- Dimensions: 100cm x 65cm x 66cm for a spacious ride ๐Ÿ“๐Ÿš—

Package Contents:
- RIDE ON WORLD Ride On Car x1 for countless adventures ๐Ÿš™๐Ÿ“ฆ
- User Manual x1 for easy setup and operation ๐Ÿ“–๐Ÿ“„
- Battery Charger x1 for convenient charging ๐Ÿ”Œโšก
- Remote Controller x1 (Batteries not included) for parental supervision ๐ŸŽฎ๐Ÿ”‹

This amazing ride-on comes with a 1-year warranty, and remember:
1. Charge the battery on receiving, even if it won't be used soon.
2. Charge the battery EVERY MONTH if not in use for extended periods to prevent over-discharging. This ensures long-lasting fun for your child! ๐Ÿš—๐Ÿ”‹โœจ

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